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Audio Downloads

Below are links from the various Adult Faith Formation Programs offered at St. Michael's

Enjoy the presentations made available and let me know if there is any other way in which we can serve you. Contact (713) 403-4115




Three Talks for Parents by Dr. Leonard Sax 

The Collapse of Parenting: Who's in Charge Here? - Handout

Why Gender Matters - Handout

Instagram is Eating My Daughter and My Son Won't Stop Playing Videogames -Handout


Scripture Study on Marriage and Family with Mark McNeil - Fall 2016

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3



Miscellaneous Recordings

The Gospel of St. John - Week 1 by Mark McNeil

Gospel of St. John - Week 2 The Sacraments

Prepare the Way Through the Sacraments of Healing by Msgr. Rossi

A Summary of the Synod on the Family by Cardinal DiNardo

Mary as a Model for the Preparation of Christ at Christmas

The TRUTH about MARRIAGE - In Preparation for The Summary of the Synod by Msgr. Rossi


St. Mark Gospel Study with Fr. Dempsey Acosta Rosales

Introduction to St. Mark's Gospel

Week 2 Gospel of Mark 

Week 3 Gospel of Mark 

Week 4 Gospel of Mark


Art History Series Lectures:  Fall 2015

The Intersection of Art and Religion in the Paintings of Michele Tosini


Summer 2015:  The Early Church Fathers by Mark McNeil

Early Church Fathers - Session 1 - St. Ignatius

Early Church Fathers - Session 2

Early Church Fathers - Session 3 - Augustine

Early Church Fathers - Session 4



The Moral Life by Msgr. Rossi 

Confession & The Sacrament of Healing by Msgr. Rossi

Mary - What do we believe about her?  by Mary Caprio

The Church - by Msgr. Rossi

Divine Revelation by Mark McNeil


The Parish Mission

Fr. Leon - The Sermon on the Mount

Msgr. Rossi - The Beatitudes


Winter Bible Study:  St. Paul's Letter to the Romans by Mark McNeil:

St. Paul's Letter to the Romans - Chapters 1-3

St. Paul's Letter to the Romans - Chapters 3-6

St. Paul's Letter to the Romans - Chapters 7-11

St. Paul's Letter to the Romans - Chapters 11-16


FALL 2014 Bible Study on The Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Overview of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Isaiah 1-7 

Isaiah 7-39

Isaiah 40-50

Final Chapters of Isaiah


Art History Series

The Foundation of Rome - Dr. John Hopkins

Sacred Art HIstory  Lecture 2 - Dr. John Hopkins

Sacred Art History Lecture 3 - Dr. John Hopkins & Msgr. Rossi

Sacred Art History Lecture 4 - The Virgin Mary and the Sienese


RCIA Presentations 2014

Divine Revelation by Mark McNeil

Theology and Philosophy by Tommy Romano

Christology by Mary Caprio

The Blessed Trinity by Dr. Tom Harmon


June 2014

Apologetics Evening 1 by Mary Caprio

Apologetics Night 2 with Tommy Romano

Apologetics Night 3 with Tommy Romano and Mary Caprio 

A Defense of Mary by Mary Caprio

Catholic Social Justice by Nick Arguello  

Annulments in the Church - An Information Session


Jason Jones - An Atheist Becomes Catholic 

Mother Dolores Hart: From Hollywood to Holiness

Episcopal Bishop Becomes Catholic  

End of Life Issues by Msgr. Rossi & Fr. Leon Strieder


The Genius of Women

Episode # 1 by Mary Caprio: What is the Genius of Women? -

Episode #2 by Lucy Hines: The Feminine Presence in the Home -

Episode # 3 by Janet Northrup: Women: Teachers of Peace -

Episode #4 by Kristine Cranley: Women: Equal in Dignity but not the Same -

Episode # 5 by Joanna Herrera: Women and Their Priests -

Episode # 6 by Sr. Dede Byrne: Women and the Gift of Life -

Covenants by Dr. Joseph Atkinson
Part 1:

Part 2:


The Biblical Vision of the Family by Dr. Joseph Atkinson:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Authentic Love by Monsignor Frank Rossi -


A Teaching on Mary


Changes in the Liturgy by Fr. Leon Strieder


The Moral, Legal & Sacramental Issues of End of Life Issues - Presented by Msgr Frank Rossi & Fr. Leon Strieder


Fr. Donald Nesti - What is Wrong with the World - The Impact of Relativism & Secularism on the Individual, Family & Society

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: 

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