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2015 Lent and Triduum Schedule

Lent 2015 Schedule

ASH WEDNESDAY – Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Mass with Distribution of Ashes:  6:30 am, 8:15 am (with school community), 7:00 pm
Liturgy of the Word with Distribution of Ashes:  12:10 pm, 5:30 pm
During non-service times, ashes are distributed in the Welcome Center of the Narthex.  Distribution will stop 15 minutes before each liturgy.

Stations of the Cross
Fridays during Lent, 7:00 pm in the church

Fish Fry Fridays
Fridays during Lent, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm in PLC-A

Tuesdays, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturdays, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Parish Advent Penance Service – Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Current Church Regulations on Fasting and Abstinence

  • Fasting is required of all Catholics age 18-59 only two days each year: Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (it is recommended that the Good Friday fast carry over to Holy Saturday until the Easter Vigil service, as well).
  • On these days only one full meal is allowed, with two smaller meals as needed.
  • Eating solid food between meals is not allowed.
  • Abstinence from meat is required of all Catholics over age 14 on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
  • In the United States, the bishops have asked Catholics over the age of 14 to abstain from meat on all Fridays of Lent, as well.
  • These regulations are considered to be a serious obligation for all Catholics. However, those who are ill, pregnant, on medication or special diets for health concerns, or those who must work at extremely physical jobs may be exempt from these regulations.

Parish Penance Service – Wednesday, March 25, 2015
There will be many priests available to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation at 7:00 pm in the church.

Palm Sunday of The Lord’s Passion
– March 29, 2015
5:30 pm (Vigil), 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:45 pm, 6:00 pm
As we celebrate this commemoration of the Lord’s joyful entrance into Jerusalem and the Passion of his death, we invite you to wear red to Mass.

The Sacred Paschal Triduum 2015 Schedule

Holy Thursday
– April 2, 2015
There is no 8:15 am or 12:10 pm daily Mass.
Mass of the Lord’s Supper – 7:00 pm

Good Friday – April 3, 2015
Reconciliation – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Celebration of the Passion of the Lord – 3:00 pm

Holy Saturday – April 4, 2015
Reconciliation – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Easter Vigil – 8:30 pm

Easter Sunday – April 5, 2015
Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord – 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:45 pm
At 9:00 am and 11:00 am, Masses are celebrated in both the Church and Auditorium.
There is no 6:00 pm Mass.


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