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Sacrament Preparation

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

The Office of Children Faith Formation feels that it is a special privilege to be able to support you in the preparation for your child's reception of Sacraments. Before immediate preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, children must first have a foundational understanding of who God is and what He asks of His Church. Please review the list of requirements below:

  • The child must be baptized in the Roman Catholic Rite, or baptized in another Christian faith in accordance with the guidelines of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • If a non-Catholic baptism meets the guidelines of the Roman Catholic Church, the child must make a Profession of Faith prior to receiving the sacraments.
  • Consistent attendance in either Faith Formation or a Catholic school during both the previous year and the year of sacrament preparation is necessary to ensure a proper foundation for sacrament preparation. (Consistent attendance = attending at least 75% of their classes).
    • This means that children need to have received formal Faith Formation, either through a Catholic parish or Catholic school, in first grade and second grade in order to be prepared to receive First Reconciliation and First Eucharist in second grade.  
    • Attending a “Christian” school is not the same thing as attending a Catholic school for faith formation purposes.
    • If your family transferred from another parish you will need to request a letter of attendance to verify your child’s participation in faith formation at that parish. Please have the letter emailed directly to the Director of Children Faith Formation.
  • The earliest a child can begin preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is second grade.
    • Children older than second grade who have not celebrated First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are expected to meet the preparation guidelines in order to enroll in preparation classes.
  • Families should regularly attend Sunday Mass, preferably together.
  • Archdiocesan guidelines state that children are to be prepared for First Reconciliation prior to, and in the same year as, First Eucharist.
    • Preparation for First Reconciliation will take place in the Fall with the reception of the Sacrament normally occurring in December. Preparation for First Eucharist will take place in the Spring with the reception of the Sacrament normally occurring in April or May.

RCIA-Adapted for Children

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Adapted for Children is a formation process for those children who are over the age of seven and have not been baptized.

  • After a year of Faith Formation class is completed with good attendance (at least 75%), the child will be placed in the RCIA for Children program.
  • This program is in addition to, and separate from, Faith Formation classes as it prepares the children for the reception of sacraments.
  • The time and place of the preparation meetings will be communicated to the families after registration.
  • Upon completion of the program, and after determining that the child and family are ready, the child will receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation during the Easter Season.
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