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Volunteer Discernment

As you reflect on your experiences, consider how the Holy Spirit is calling you to a new place. The following categories and questions might help surface some insights in discerning where you time, talent, and treasure can be best used... A personal plan for putting faith into action might include engaging in three or four of the ten categories below.

  • Direct Action/Service (Working to meet immediate needs; for example volunteering at the food pantry, Saint Vincent de Paul home visits, Project Gabriel activities, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) Are you tugged to work with people in need, one-on-one? In what context? What skills and gifts do you bring to this kind of situation?
  • Legislative Advocacy (Working to influence city, state, or national policy by communicating with legislators and/or representatives on key issues or joining a network or group to affect change in policy) Do you feel drawn to political engagement, promoting structural change or influencing public policy? What draws you? How can you imagine yourself involved? Is there an organization that particularly appeals to you?
  • Justice Education (educating others on social justice issues and opportunities for action, promoting Justfaith) Do you have an interest in educating others or in assisting in the education of others? How might this happen? With adults, teens, or children?
  • Community Organizing (Joining with an empowered poor and low-income group to support their efforts, issues, and strategies to change structures and policy) In what ways can you get involved with promoting local structural change through a community organizing group? How can you get others from your parish to accompany this group with you?
  • Leadership (Participating in or taking a leadership role on justice-related committees or project work) Are you being called to lead a group or project or to become part of the social ministry leadership group within your parish? Are you being called to be a facilitator for a JustFaith group? If so, what leadership skills to you bring?
  • Simpler Living (making lifestyle changes that reduce consumption and use of resources) What ways can you simplify your life, use fewer resources, change your buying habits, and/or change how you use your free time? Have you though about changing jobs? If so, why? Have you thought about moving? What is prompting you to do so?
  • Financially Supporting Justice Work (Contributing monetarily to groups and organizations that do justice work on a local, national, or international level) Are there projects or causes that you are drawn to support? List these. How can you discover other organizations to support that are doing structural change in areas you are interested in?
  • Continued Formation (Continuing to learn about justice issues through reading, educational events, or participating in a JustFaith group) How can you continue your formation in social ministry and catholic Social teaching?
  • Global Solidarity (Working on projects or legislation that impact people in other countries or building relationships with poor people in other countries) What global solidarity programs are you interested in?
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